The Lace Summer Pullover is now live!

Preorder the Colour Box Crop Top!

Preorder the Colour Box Crop Top!

Ahhh they are finally here!

The Colour Block Box Crop Top!

Cotton Twill goodness, designed, handcut and locally sewn here in Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada! With a fun colour blocked ring zipper for added pizazz! 

Preorder is now available- as we are a teeny tiny team and want to do things just right, just for you!


The CBCCT’s are designed as a one size, but if you have extra requests, please let me know! I am happy to customize for your specific needs.

Measurements are as follows:

39 inches across from shoulder hem to shoulder hem

Neckline all around is 22 inches

Nape to bottom middle of crop is approx 17.5 inches

Zipper is 9 inches

Important to note!!

1. Preorder time takes about 1 to 1.5 weeks for us to get your box top into our production in house. Thank you for your patience + grace + understanding small batch!


2. The zipper may not be the exact same pictured! If it is imperative that you have the same zipper as pictured, please send us a message and we’ll make it happen!







Scrappy Summer Nati, the first drop :)

Five one of a kind colourful cotton Nati’s are here!